Tuesday, August 30, 2011

La Porchetta, Christchurch, New Zealand

We have been looking forward to this meal in New Zealand after reading lots of positive comments about La Porchetta in online review websites. This restaurants holds a wide chain of outlets across Australia and New Zealand, with 2 being in Christchurch itself.

Pictures of posh cars were seen hanging on the wall. Seating area provided are comfortable with a children's play area in one corner. And the best part of all, the food is delicious and comes in very affordable price.

 superbly cheesy pizza - $7.50

 marinara pasta - $12.50 

alla matriciana - $12.50 

The pasta comes in both entre and main sizes main one priced at a little higher price.
I would say that this will be the place i will frequent if i were to live in Christchurch. Besides that, they also offer a wide variety of desserts from ice cream to brownies.

Where at?
Find your nearest location at http://www.laporchetta.com/index.php

The one i visited is at 484 Cranford St, Papanui SI, 8052

Tel no: +643 3523094

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