Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant (revisit)

After an interval of almost 2 years, I finally re-visited my favorite Korean restaurant i.e. Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant. As usual, after dining, the BBQ smoke will linger around me. However, I still love the food there and the service is always superb!
the FOC (refillable) side dishes-as always, i love its lotus root

kimchi jeon-gol (hot pot with kimchi, pork, mushroom, Korean noodles) RM55 for small pot

kimchi bok-um-bab (fried rice with egg) RM18 
too hungry when this came and only realised that picture has not been taken after almost finishing it

Friday, June 15, 2012

Veloo Villas, Penang Street

Fancy banana leaf lunch with superbly spicy curry? Then, you should visit Veloo Villas, a South-Indian eatery, located in Little India, Penang Street, opposite Sentral Tower Penang.
They started operating at one shop-lot and now they have expanded to another with it being air-conditioned.
A basic banana leaf set starts from RM4.50 and vegetables are unlimited. Add-on such as chicken, fish and egg are available to your liking's.

I must say, as a person who loves spicy food, you will never be disappointed with what they serve here because it's definitely going to be a taste-bud challenging meal!
Don't forget to clear your throat after the spicy meal with a glass of lassi.

Where at?
Penang Street

Friday, June 8, 2012

Little Castle Restaurant

At Little Castle Restaurant, you will find both oriental and western food on their menu. They also have set lunch menu, depending on which day which go and the set comes with soup of the day, main dish, drink and fruits.
soup of the day (pumpkin soup)

chicken maryland RM10.50

tomyam fried rice RM6.50

chicken with mashed potato, ham, cheese and mushroom sauce (RM16.90 for set on Monday)

Serving time i rather fast so if you have limited time for lunch, this would be where you want to head if hawker's not your first choice.

Where at?
53-01, Lintang Batu Maung, Penang

Tel no: 04-6262212

Friday, June 1, 2012

China House Penang

Fancy visiting pre-war houses? At China House, you not only can visit and see for yourself the original structure of a pre-war house, but also dine in and enjoy its sweet and savoury dishes.

every table is provided with some crayons and patrons are welcome to doodle on the table laid with "mahjong paper" 

Italian cream cake -RM12 (highly recommended!)

vegetarian spaghetti - RM22

mushroom and chicken pie - RM30 (alright)

spaghetti with chicken breast - RM29 (not recommended)

For first times, have your heavy meals outside and have your desserts at China House. Their cakes are really good. Made fresh everyday and is really exquisite. As for their savoury dishes, i would say they're below par a little. Or perhaps, we didn't make the right order that night.
By the way, they have different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
As they occupy the whole stretch of house from Beach Street all the way to Victoria Street, they have another portion of the restaurant which serves as a lounge and has band playing at night.

Where at?
153, 155 Beach Street & 183B Victoria Street, Penang

Tel no: 04-2637299