Friday, February 25, 2011

Coffee Heritage

If you have been following this blog, perhaps you would noticed me mentioning Hardwicke Cafe twice. Unfortunately, the business seems to not be doing so well and thus they have changed their name to Heritage Coffee and the entire concept as well.
Now Heritage Coffee serves a fusion of food from nachos to tomyam noodles to fish and chips.
starter which comes with the main meal below
the main meal-spaghetti
soup accompanying the main meal
heritage kampung fried rice-RM6.90
tomyam seafood noodle-exceptionally good with sufficient sourness-RM12.90
heritage toast-RM3.30
nachos with cheese
lime juice
happy chocolate-RM6.90

This place offers a seating choice of indoor or outdoor. If you a football addict, there is a huge screen specially dedicated to you. The outdoor seating also lets you experience cool breeze. Unfortunately, the two times that i have been to Heritage Coffee, it rained. 
Let's hope my third time won't be dashed with rain again. :)

Where at?
67, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OXO, Queensbay

I have always drove past this red and white building, wondering if it is a pub because it looks dark inside. So, my friend and i decided to try it out one day. To our surprise, they actually have pretty good scale of food in their menu.
We don't have a big company so we are limited to ordering only a few items but i will definitely go back and try out the other items in menu.
the red and white building
mushroom soup which comes with the set
appetizer salad
main course-chicken-RM17.90
carbonara fetuccini-RM22.90
vegetarian pizza
ice cream for the set meal

This place also plays all the easy-going and slow songs (my genre of music) and for the good food they have, i shall go back again.
Lastly, Gong Xi Fa Cai everybody!!