Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sri Weld Nasi Lemak

I love nasi lemak and so I am a true Malaysian! :D 
I have grown up eating spicy food and while my tolerance for spiciness has been increasing over time, it is definitely not easy to find spicy meals to satisfy my taste bud. However, I am lucky enough to came across this nasi lemak available in Sri Weld, which opens everyday except for Sundays. They have a variety of dishes (fried chicken, squid,  fish, anchovies, and egg) for nasi lemak and each packet costs only RM1.50 for small and RM2 for big.

the store located just at the entrance of Sri Weld food court along Beach Street 

first step: lay the banana leaves and scoop rice

second step: put selected dish

third step: a slice of egg for each packet

fourth step: curry to flavour the whole packet 

fifth step: "and i am done!"

What I love most about this nasi lemak is the level of spiciness (I have friends who complain that it was too spicy though) and the amount of curry sauce they put. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sin Hup Aun Cafe @ Pulau Tikus

I frequent this shop a lot for breakfast together with my mother. It is one of the places with lots of hawker selections from morning English breakfast sets to Chinese fried noodle.


fried bee hun RM3.50

patrons in the cafe for breakfast (mostly senior citizens)

wan tan mee RM3 (not recommended though)

char koay teow with egg RM3.30 (average)

lady preparing hokkien prawn mee and lor mee

hokkien prawn mee RM2.80 (recommended)

lor mee RM2.80 (recommended)

I would grade the food there as eatable, and as to what to order really depends on individual's preference. I personally would jump from one hawker to another depending on what I feel like eating on that particular day of visit. There are also stalls selling fried Indian mee, apong, claypot rice and many others located in this cafe and you can order in if you want to. This place closes every Tuesday.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Restoran Sri Suriya @ Burma Road

A friend introduced me this Indian shop, telling me that they have the authentic fried bitter gourd (snack-like) which i love very much and only manged to find a few shops in Penang which have them. Restoran Sri Suriya is just nicely located in town area, easily accessible. They separated their dishes into 2 sections; vegetarian and non-vegetarian, good for those really strict-vegans.
take note this restaurant is located in between of Sriwijaya Air and a fruit shop

 chapati with dhal and beetroot RM1.60

 rice with hard-boiled egg, fried bitter gourd, fried cabbage RM3.50

 lemon tea + rose syrup @ RM1.20 each

I was anticipating a good lunch but was a little disappointed especially at the pricing. I had not taken any meat dish for the rice and the price surprisingly shoots up above RM3. And, honestly, other that the fried bitter gourd, the curry wasn't really that extra-ordinary too. :(

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lucky Dessert (發記甜品)

A recent friend invited me for a complimentary review at this place at one of Hong Kong's fine dessert restaurant, Lucky Dessert has been around since 1998. Its integration into the Penang's market started off at Queensbay with its latest outlet opened just one week ago at Gurney Plaza's basement. Serving a variety of desserts from cold sago soup to crispy roll series to glutinous rice ball to simple wrapz. It's stall is a simple one decorated in mostly red and white theme. There were 4 table sittings with round chairs and a row of sofa seat. Workers are very friendly and helpful as well.

They also listed out their history and achievements on their menu.
from newspapers extract

I was able to try out 3 of their signature desserts. Unfortunately, I could not eat a lot as I did not have another friend to share the portion with me and trust me, for the price you pay, the portion is definitely worth!
So, here are what I have managed to try out.
mango wrapz RM5

trinity mango delight RM9 (featured as Hong Kong's best dessert award in the year 2000)
(frozen mango used as puree is blended together with sago and pomelo and no ice was used to maintain the natural sweetness and thickness)

banana crisp RM12
(banana and chocolate cake wrap in an exceptional thin, crunchy and crispy skin- surprisingly the banana blends in well with the chocolate cake)

For the current promotion in conjunction with the opening of their outlet, Lucky Dessert is giving a 50% discount on second item of the bill.
Sweet-tooth calling? What are you waiting for? Visit Lucky Dessert at Queensbay or Gurney Plaza now!

Where at?
Gurney Plaza 170-B1-K19/20 (facing "I Love Yoo")

Queensbay Mall 3F-C6 Queens Food Market

Sunway Giza Mall, G-11-G

The Scott Garden, West Atrium 1-01-06

Hotline: 1700-81-9088

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mr. Pot @ Gurney Drive

I used to frequent Mr. Pot very often after exercise in the morning when i was still a student then. After started working, i had to admit, i forege one of life's most important routines- exercise. Mr. Pot is strategically located along Gurney Drive, therefore over-looking a very nice view of the sea. They provide free wifi so most patrons can be seen keeping themselves busy with their laptops besides food.
However, i must stress that the price of the food has increased over the past years tremendously and perhaps that is why you can see a decline in people going there for breakfast.
I must also comment that one of the waiters is always looking very sad and this definitely generates negative energy to the surroundings.

 business is not very good for a Saturday morning


white coffee with satay sandwich RM8.80

plain toast (to be eaten with eggs) RM0.80

omega soft boiled eggs RM2.20

They also serve fried noodles, nasi lemak and other more stomach-filling food for those who want to visit during lunch or dinner.

Where at?
124C Gurney Drive, 10250 Penang

Tel no: 04-2288303

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pakcik Nasi Kandar @ Pulau Tikus

There is this van stall which stops a few steps after Restoran Sri Suriya selling nasi kandar which sells almost 20 dishes. Since he has no signboard or whatsoever, I shall call him the "Pakcik (uncle) Nasi Kandar @ Pulau Tikus" until I have interviewed him further. :)
He probably does regular customers and few and between newbies like me. I fell in love instantly with this pakcik...Not physically with him of course! But his good nature and being so patient even when bombarded with so many patrons at one time as he was the only person taking care of the stall. As he sells on a van, you have no choice but to take away. So, he will lay a piece of plastic on a flat plate and pass to you as you queue and you will then take the amount of rice of your wish and start to pick the dishes of your choice. After that, you go on another queue to get him tally your meal cost.
And, I must say, his price is definitely affordable!! Plus, he knows how to say 'spoon' in Hokkien! ;)
 dishes almost finishing as early as 12.30pm (pakcik far left)

 my lunch costing me at only RM2.60 and so much more ful-filling then the one I had previously at Sri Suriya

customers kept pouring in despite the finishing of the dishes (Maybe they fell in love with his good nature too? Just like me! ;p)

I am definitely going to go back to pakcik to try out his other dishes but I must make sure I reach there before the crowd.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beijing Roasted Duck Chicken Rice

When you run out of idea for lunch, especially when you need a quick one, one could probably think of having chicken/duck/pork rice as it is fast and quite filling because of the meat. While most places only chose to focus on selling either chicken or duck or pork, this place has it all. It even has the Chinese sausage. And the coffee shop which house this stall has special in-house soups.
the coffee shop which house the stall

the stall

almond and apple with chicken soup, very sweet and yummy RM5 for small and RM10 for big bowl

roasted chicken and Chinese sausage with rice RM4.30

the shop's special-made green chilli (not spicy enough)

I would love to re-visit this shop and this time order another type of home-made soup because I love soups. 
Well, till then, Happy Eating folks!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

breakfast @ Eng Loh kopitiam

Looking for a light, healthy and varied breakfast? Look no more, at Eng Loh, you have more than 10 choices of breakfast sets from as simple as half boiled eggs, to kaya butter bread, to power breakfast with ovaltine (malt chocolate drink).
They even have their specially created bread called "Taiwan roti (bread in Malay language)".

a complete view of Eng Loh Cafe and Hotel

Eng Loh kopitiam also caters a 24 hours hotel stay

big standing-banner menu showing all the breakfast sets

roti Taiwan RM3.50

this is more like peanut butter spread on thick toast with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts
taste: yummy as peanut butter spread was thick enough

cheesy onion omellete RM3

the filling is super cheesy with an occasional taste of chopped onions

tuna sandwich RM2.80
taste: average, you can get this down at home too

butter kaya toast RM1.60
taste: plenty of kaya and butter for taste and definitely taste than that of Old Town's

Of all the ones I had above, i exceptionally like roti Taiwan as I felt it was rather a special one. With the generous amount of peanut butter spread, you just can't help but to ask for more! ;)

Where at?
48, Church Street, Georgetown Penang

Opens daily except Sundays