Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beijing Roasted Duck Chicken Rice

When you run out of idea for lunch, especially when you need a quick one, one could probably think of having chicken/duck/pork rice as it is fast and quite filling because of the meat. While most places only chose to focus on selling either chicken or duck or pork, this place has it all. It even has the Chinese sausage. And the coffee shop which house this stall has special in-house soups.
the coffee shop which house the stall

the stall

almond and apple with chicken soup, very sweet and yummy RM5 for small and RM10 for big bowl

roasted chicken and Chinese sausage with rice RM4.30

the shop's special-made green chilli (not spicy enough)

I would love to re-visit this shop and this time order another type of home-made soup because I love soups. 
Well, till then, Happy Eating folks!!

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