Saturday, March 17, 2012

Goku Raku Ramen, Gurney Paragon, Penang

While gekikara ramen from Yataimura will always be my favorite, i still opt to find other ramen shops and hope to find similar taste. The recently opened Goku Raku Ramen at Gurney Paragon has captured my attention and i decided to give it a try.

green tea RM2 and honey lemon RM4.90

jantama ramen (noofles in Goku Raku sauce topped with shredded pork, soft-boiled egg, leeks, spring onions and chopped onions (RM14.90 for small and RM18.90 for large)

Goku Raku ramen (noodles with pork, flavoured egg, onions, bamboo shoots, leeks and seaweed  (RM18.90 for small and RM23.90 for large)

spicy Tonkotsu ramen (noodles with pork, black fungus, spring onions, bamboo shoots, cabbage and seaweed (RM15.90 for small and RM19.90 for large)

pork RM7.90

rare cheese cake RM8.90

Unfortunately, i have to say the spicy ramen is nothing to that of Yataimura's gekikara ramen. The pork and rare cheese cake however was rather good but then again this is a ramen shop and not a dessert shop.
One visit could probably be it.

Where at?
163-D-1-05, Gurney Paragon, Gurney Drive, Penang

Tel no: 04-2260961

Saturday, March 10, 2012

MAMA One Ton Mee @ Lorong Susu, Penang

A colleague recently introduced this place to me. They are famous for 'wan tan mee' yet their menu has many other varieties such as rice set and other types of ramen as well. I fell in love with this place instantly after my first visit and whenever i ran out of ideas for lunch, i would come here.
rose hawthorn drink RM1.80

coloured pork rice RM6

fried pork rice RM6

mapo-tofu rice RM6 (not really the taste i would go for mapo-tofu as this one contains too much vinegar)

Their basic 'wan tan mee' starts from the price RM3.50. I would really recommend this place as it is clean and don't take much serving time.

Where at?
1, Lorong Susu, Georgetown, Penang.

Closes every Wednesday

Saturday, March 3, 2012

DeTitle Dining Cabin @ Lorong Selamat, Penang

There are many websites nowadays offering attractive deals. Competition is so tough that some businesses are willing to give as much as 70% discount just to attract crowd. I was attracted to this pay nothing for RM8 discount offered at an online website recently. The voucher can be claimed at DeTitle Dining Cabin and since this place is close to my work place, i decided to give it a try.
Nevertheless, I was rather disappointed as the food was not up to expectation and despite the RM8 discount, prices are actually not on the lower end.

DeTile is uniquely painted in purple so you can hardly miss the sight of this shop

with an extra RM5, you are entitled to unlimited servings of soup and dessert

jasmine tea RM6.90

spaghetti bolognaise RM19.90

oriental seafood spaghetti RM19.90

aglio olio RM16.90

cheese-baked macaroni RM18.90 (plain); RM20.90 (with ham)

spicy fried spaghetti RM19.90

some desserts

In a nut shell, this would be my first as well as last visit. For the portion that I am getting is not on par with the price I am paying. Despite so, I must commend on the polite service. Still, they lack workers and thus waiting time is exceptionally long as well.

Where at?
97, Lorong Selamat, 10400 Penang

Tel no: 04-2297961

Closed on Wednesdays