Monday, June 27, 2011

Sebai Sebai Thai Restaurant

Have i mentioned my cravings for tom yam? Anything spicy and sour is always my favorite! Funny though i have been to this place for 3 times in a period of 3 years (that averages out to once a year) but would still vote this place for serving one of the best and most authentic Thai dishes. "Sebai sebai" in Thai means "slowly, easy-going" but this restaurant is not really easy-going at all. The waiters are always at running-pace because of the constant customer-flow, yet their service is still at tip-top rating and never fail to meet customers' requests.
 an outside view of Sebai-Sebai
 deep fried kangkung (RM8)

 petai omellete (RM8)

 Som Tam-Thai's very own unique salad, warning, it's pretty spicy!! (RM14)

 tofu in Thai sauce (RM10)

 my all-time favorite, tomyam chicken (RM20)

Drinks there can be ordered in jug and is more worth it. For RM7, you get 1 whole jug (any drink of your choice) and it can be drank up to 6 glasses. Better still, this place is tax free!! 

Oh ya, i also love the green curry which i had in my past 2 visits. Perhaps now, i should increase my probability of visiting this place. Don't you want to try them out too? :)

Where at?
1, Lintang Batu, 11600 Green Lane, Penang.

Tel no: 04-6568891

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen @ Madras Lane

I have noticed that although i have been an avid vegetarian, i have never seem to blog on vegetarian shops. Probably this is due to the fact that most of the vegetarian shops i frequent offer very basic economical style dishes and rice. However, this vegetarian shop at Madras lane offers a variety of rice, noodle and even Western, and most important of all, they are meant for vegetarians. Click on the menu below to view larger picture.

you can see that Lily's taken over 2 storeys of the shoplot, the 1 on the ground floor sells those shown on the menu below while the 1 on the first floor sells Chinese Nyonya food which i have yet to visit

menu page 1

menu page 2

self service counter, where you place your order and make payment and then take a number and wait for your food to be served(as you can see, our number is 23)

nasi lemak which comes with "prawn" sambal, "fish", "achovies" and cucumber (RM6)

green curry rice (quite spicy) (RM6)

It didn't take quite a long time for the food to be served although the shop is packed with customers. Prices could perhaps be on the higher range due to the creativity of the dishes. However, i would still recommend this place as a must-visit place. 
They also have a small stall in Gurney Plaza food court, but menu is more limited. 

Where at?
98, Madras Lane, 10400 Penang

Tel no: 04-2263810

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pappa Rich @ E-Gate

A new and up-growing dining place called Pappa Rich, adapts almost very similar concept to that of Old Town Kopitiam. Many people have in fact made a thorough comparison after being to the former. I am off no exception too. The list of food and drinks in the menu was very similar except that they have what a specialty they named "Pappa Naan" which i think was rather nice, if eaten with the curry.
 lemon tea with honey (RM4.20); iced tea (RM3.80)

 Pappa nasi lemak (RM8.90)

 Prawn mee (RM8.90)

 dry curry mee with sliced chicken (RM7.90)

 Pappa Naan with curry chicken (RM6.50)

iced longan milk honey (RM5.90) ; barley lime hot (RM3.50); soya bean with cincau and gula melaka (5.90)

As i have only been there once, i barely had the chance to try out all there is in the menu. I would rate the food there 4/5. It is really much better than that of Old Town and perhaps more variety. And for that, i definitely recommend this to food lovers.
Currently, there are 2 branches in Penang, 1 in E-Gate and another 1 at Straits Key.