Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pappa Rich @ E-Gate

A new and up-growing dining place called Pappa Rich, adapts almost very similar concept to that of Old Town Kopitiam. Many people have in fact made a thorough comparison after being to the former. I am off no exception too. The list of food and drinks in the menu was very similar except that they have what a specialty they named "Pappa Naan" which i think was rather nice, if eaten with the curry.
 lemon tea with honey (RM4.20); iced tea (RM3.80)

 Pappa nasi lemak (RM8.90)

 Prawn mee (RM8.90)

 dry curry mee with sliced chicken (RM7.90)

 Pappa Naan with curry chicken (RM6.50)

iced longan milk honey (RM5.90) ; barley lime hot (RM3.50); soya bean with cincau and gula melaka (5.90)

As i have only been there once, i barely had the chance to try out all there is in the menu. I would rate the food there 4/5. It is really much better than that of Old Town and perhaps more variety. And for that, i definitely recommend this to food lovers.
Currently, there are 2 branches in Penang, 1 in E-Gate and another 1 at Straits Key.

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