Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Xuan Xin Steamboat BBQ @ Gurney Plaza

Xuan Xin has so far got 3 outlets in total in Gurney Plaza itself, 1 being a restaurant serving fried noodles and Chinese dishes, 1 serving mainly ramen (Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen), and this new 1, a steamboat BBQ place. There is also another steamboat BBQ restaurant in Tanjong Tokong
This place differs a little from the steamboat restaurant in Tanjong Tokong as it cooks in "lok-lok" style. That means, you pay per stick and sticks' prices are denoted with different colour flags. The flags come in six colours in total with brown at RM10, black at RM6, red at RM3, grey at RM2.50, blue at RM2, green at RM1.50 and yellow at RM1. Practically, to be able to have a stick at as low as RM1 is considered very affordable. 
In conjunction with the opening of this outlet, ezivoucher offers 10 sticks (5 blue and 5 green) at only RM8.80 (excluding soup price). I was lucky to see this offer in time to grab it. 

bbq corner

the bbq man

large fridge to keep food fresh

this place is super packed!!

our freshly-done bbq chicken

We chose a combination of 2 soup base (chicken and tomyam) which cost us RM6. I must compliment how Penangites are so up-to-date with newly opened restaurants and each a place has a new restaurant, it will deifnitely be packed with people. Of course I must admit I am one of them. *blush* 
And, perhaps they didn't expect so many people to turn up, they definitely have a hard time keeping up their stocks. Almost all the food finished as soon as they were brought out of the kitchen. We had to keep to 30 blue and 30 green flagged sticks (according to our vouchers), something we found pretty hard to do as well because there weren't many blue choices. :(
We also prefer to cook using soup than to have our food barbequed as most of the barbequed stuff are too salty. Perhaps, over marinated?

Where at?
7th floor, Gurney Plaza, right next to SenQ

Tel no: 04-2260830

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kedai Makanan Lidiana (Nasi Melayu opposite Penang floating mosque, Batu Feringghi)

When it comes to finding good food, nothing ever deters me. As a Malaysian, mamak, nasi kandar, spicy food is all part of my life and i can't live without them!
Thank goodness i have friends who share the same interests and this is by far one of the best place for nasi melayu even though it is a little distant from the usually frequented place.
The best thing they serve is their "sambal-stuffed" fish, fried fish and black soya-sauced chicken.
Drinks menu consists of the common rose syrup to "teh tarik" to fresh coconut.

 a variety of curries and fresh and cooked vegetables

 fried black pomfret and "sambal-stuffed" fish

 packed with patrons during lunch

 teh tarik and rose syrup

fresh coconut

Coconut water is believed to have a lot of nutrition if taken without added sugar and fresh. It is exceptionally good to cool down the body heat especially during the hot and humid weather or after taking "spicy and hot" food such curry and fried stuff.

Where at?
Right opposite of Penang floating mosque (see location below for directions)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House

If you are a person who can't start your day without a proper and healthy breakfast, you should go to Winter Warmers. Here, they open as early as 9am. Breakfast set is served from 9am to 11am with a free flow of coffee or tea which comes in floral-decorated teapots and cups. The interior is filled with tables laid with floral-printed cloth as well. Entering this place gives you an-old-England feel.

curtains used to decorate the interior giving you an-English feel

their specially crafted teapots and cups (also for sale to those with a hobby of such collections)

floral teapots on floral-printed table cloth

veggie and egg sandwich RM7.90

chicken sandwich RM7.90

Besides breakfast, they also cater lunch and dinner menu such as spaghetti, baked pasta, waffles and even afternoon tea which consists of a variety of pastries.

Where at?
170-G-38 Gurney Plaza

Tel no: 2273848

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lao Fu Tze Bak Kut Teh

When I was a kid, getting to eat 'bak kut teh' or literally translated as "pork bone tea" is one of joyous moments. I don't know what's in it that makes me love it so much. However, just as much as most Chinese would love this dish, it is not that economical and some considered it not suitable for daily consumption especially in hot and humid weather like Malaysia. Probably that was one reason why I did not get to eat it so often when I was little.
This place was recommended by my father. It is a family business and mother does the main cooking. They also served drinks ranging from tea to coffee to soft drinks.

small but powerful stall with non-stop incoming patrons

 what you'll see right opposite of the stall

mix them (chopped garlic, chilli, soya sauce, thick soya sauce) together and you will get the best sauce ever for your bak kut teh

people like to eat bak kut teh with yam rice

favorite side dish with bak kut teh - fried dough (yao char kuih)

intestines and other innards

fatty meats and meatballs

The above meal cost us RM29 in total with a pot of tea. 
While I don't really fancy innards and fatty meats, the main reason why I love "bak kut teh" so much is because of the soup. The soup based is a result of pork ribs simmered in broth of herbs and spices which gives it a strong aroma and colour.

Where at?
Junction of Jalan Trem (along Jalan Air Itam)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bar B. Q. Plaza @ Gurney Plaza

An old pal who is working overseas came home recently. She told me she was looking for something different other than usual delicacies and healthy as well. Since I have never tried Bar B.Q. Plaza, I suggested that we gave it a try after seeing some good reviews about it.
Menu varies and is separated mainly into 3 categories - family set, supreme set and economy set. These sets are then sub-categorized into deluxe, mixed, pork, seafood and beef. After pondering over the menu for a while, we decided to take the "supreme seafood" set which comes with fish fillet, squid, shrimp, chicken, jelly fish, scallop, udon, sliced cabbage, baby corn, lettuce and tomato. We also added kimchi and pork as side dishes.

 notice this place uses a green dragon as its mascot
the green dragon right outside of the shop

the barbeque sauce(a mix of cut chilli, garlic and squeezed lime)

kimchi RM3.90

pork RM5.50

our supreme seafood set RM35.90

the hot plate

spreading lard on the hot plate

cooking raw meat on the hot plate (cooks pretty fast!!) the annulus of the hot plate contains soup, most people cook vegetables in it

All the above meat were not marinated but taste very healthily delicious.
For first timers like me, this cooking method is indeed an awe and probably creating question marks on how to use the hot plate to cook the food. Well, no worries because this place has pretty friendly waiters/waitresses who are ready to tell you step-by-step on how to do it. If not, you can also refer to their "cooking manual" available on each table. :)

Where at?
B1-05 Basement Old Wing (adjacent to Gurney Plaza's main food court)

Tel no: 04-2281487

Saturday, September 10, 2011

She Chocolat, Christchurch, New Zealand

Everyone told us that we must visit the Cadbury Chocolate factory if we were to visit Dunedin. We went! But, a little too late. In fact, i must say the employees are not friendly at all as they didn't even offer to let us stay in the store for even a bit or to do some purchase and told us immediately that they are closing sales already when there were still people in the store doing their shopping. Fine! You just got yourself a bad review from me.
Thank goodness, someone else introduced us "She Chocolat" in Christchurch. The people there were so cordial and approachable. A waitress there even volunteered to take a picture for us! How sweet~~
She Chocolat, located on Governor's Bay, is a MUST go place in Christchurch, forget Cadbury (though i still gave Cadbury chocolates to my friends as souvenirs)!

the view from where we were seated overlooks a beautiful scene of blue sea and green hills

their menu in debossed hardcover

programmes for both parents and the interesting!

 spacious seating space

chocolate truffles in all shapes and sizes- $3.20/piece (buy more for discounts)

home-made chocolates and truffles for sale

 chocolate brownie which comes with vanilla bean ice cream, berry coulis and a chocolate-made spoon $11.90

She's Belgian hot chocolate - $8.80

homemade ice cream of 3 flavours - $11.50

I love the chocolate brownie BEST because it has all the things you would want to try on the dessert menu- brownie, chocolate and ice cream! They also have a separate menu for brunch and lunch, for those who want something more heavy or savoury and even children's menu. I also consider the prices rather affordable for a place with homemade chocolates. See She Chocolat's website for more information.

Where at?
79, Main Road, Governor's Bay
Road 1 Lyttelton
Christchurch 8971

Tel no: +643 3299825

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pepes' Pizza & Pasta, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

After a bad experience with pasta at Monsoon Restaurant & Bar, we were really hesitating to try yet another pizza/pasta meal. But Pepes' pizza and and pasta was recommended by Walter (our host at The Chalet Boutique Motel). So, we decided to try after surveying the whole stretch of shoplots in the town of Lake Tekapo only to find out that Pepes' was indeed the place packed with most patrons. There were many people waiting in line to be seated. Not wanting to waste our time to be seated, we decided to take away instead.

 a cozy feeling inside Pepes' Pizza with its very own fireplace

Their small pizza is priced at $21.50 while the large one is priced at $32.50. There is however another option for people who want to have the best of everything (like me!) with 2 different flavours on a large pizza by paying only $2.50 extra. So, that means, we pay $35  for a large pizza with 2 flavours.

carbonara (bacon and mushroom with special carbonara sauce) and macauley chicken (apricot capsicum,smoked chicken and cream cheese)

We were glad we listened to Walter and tried out this place. It was indeed one of the BEST pizzas i have ever had! :)

Where at?
Village Mall State Highway 8,
Lake Tekapo 8770, NZ

Tel no: +643 6806677

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Moose Bar & Restaurant, Te Anau, New Zealand

I really like the generosity of the hostess in the motels we stayed in in New Zealand. Take for example, this one in Te Anau, which we stayed for 2 nights named Arran Motel actually provides you with dining vouchers that come with free wine with any orders from the main menu in The Moose.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find anything which interest us from the main menu, so we had to forego the free wine. However, we will never forget the delicious pie and chicken fillet we had that night. It was like the BEST pie i have ever had in my entire life!

 best pie ever! it is called C.C.C Wellington $19.50

chicken schnitzel $21 (superbly cheesy and nicely fried)

If i ever go to Te Anau again, this is definitely the place to visit again, be it second/ third/forth time! ;)

Where at?
84, Lakefront Drive, Te Anau, NZ

Tel no: +643 2497100