Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monsoon Bar & Restaurant, New Zealand

Thank goodness the rained stop during our walk in the glacier valley. Not too long after we have completed our walk, the rain started to pour again. Town in Franz Josef consists of only 2 rows of streets packed with motels and bars and restaurants. We walked out from our motel and decided to dine at Monsoon Bar and Restaurant which is housed by Rainforest Retreat Motels and Holiday Park.

There is the fireplace inside the bar which immediately warms you up from the cold weather and rain.

a picture showing the Franz Josef glacier, probably a few decades ago

Too hungry, we didn't take much time to decide and ordered the pasta of the day which was cream mushroom pasta and toast garlic bread.
 mushroom cream pasta - $18

 toast garlic bread - $10

unfinished pasta - texture of pasta is too thick

unfinished crumbs of toast garlic bread - too hard

I must say my dining experience here is definitely not a good one. The food is not up to par at all, seeing the price we paid too. It is a little unfortunate as we do not have the chance to try out other places for we only had 1 night in Franz Josef. 

Where at?
46, Cron Street, Franz Josef, West Coast, NZ

Tel no: +643 752 0003


Duckie said...

oh should have seen my blog on where to eat in franz josef before going!! but of course, it was my 'foreign correspondent's' recommendation!!

BearyInformative said... bad...i thought he only covered the north of NZ as i only read the first few posts you posted on NZ