Saturday, August 20, 2011

Burger King, New Zealand

I could still remember all the hoo-ha when Burger King (BK) opened its first franchise in Penang. Its business blooms everyday for almost a month before all the BK madness starts to tone down. However, BK in Australia and New Zealand is a norm among its people. So, as a tourist, i must try and blend in with the locals and experience their very own "have-to-have" basic meals.
Obviously, the BK in New Zealand has a wider varieties and especially for non-beef eaters like me, i am so thankful that they offer more chicken menu than that of Malaysia's outlets.

 Burger King entrance in Queenstown

 flaming great value starting from $2.70 for ala carte to $5 for set

frozen coke (something new to me) and for a person who dislikes carbonated drink, this is actually quite bland

my set at $5.60

If you don't do the conversion, the price you pay here is definitely much cheaper. No wonder fast food to them is like hawker's food to us! ;p

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