Friday, August 5, 2011

I Love Yoo~~

It is a very interesting name to use, if you pronounce it carefully, it says "i love you". So sweet, right? ;)
They have a lot of branches in KL and Penang. Not sure about other states though. So far, in Penang, you can find "I Love Yoo" at Gurney Plaza (basement, right beside food court), Queensbay Mall food court (3rd floor) as well as Tesco Tanjung Pinang.
Their main dish is porridge, or to be exact, dry scallop porridge priced at RM2.90 per bowl. This is very cheap for a superbly big bowl of porridge. Add on RM1 if you want to add on a piece of "you tiao" (the Chinese like to eat this with porridge, it is actually fried Chinese pastry).
If you want drinks as well, you can get another set at RM6.50 which comes with a tall glass of their very home made soya bean.

Besides this, they also have side dishes of other Chinese-like pastries such as yam balls and sweet potato balls, priced at RM3 for 5 pieces.

I think it is place worth trying and dining in when you run out of ideas for food of when you opt for light meals.

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