Wednesday, August 24, 2011

picnic day!!

The coach-cruise-coach ticket to Milford Sound we bought came with a lunch pack. Also not really the kind of meal i would like but better than having nothing to eat! ;)
As mentioned in the previous post, they were trying to clear the avalanche so roads to Milford Sound for us to take our cruise was closed temporarily. Lucky us, we only had to kill 3 hours before the road is good to be passed.

 my lunch packed in brown paper bag

chicken ham sandwich, a piece of brownie and an apple (to keep the doctor away!)

Having live in Malaysia where sun is always part of my life, i try to avoid it (heard of sun burn?). But this place which our guide left us at for our lunch was so freaking cold, plus the strong wind, and we only have outdoor sittings, i had no choice but to sit directly where the sun shines. And, for the first time, i am loving the sun! ;)

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