Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little Oasis @ Prangin Mall

Our initial decision was to dine at JL Gourmet since I have never been there and a colleague of mine has always been praising the food. However, my mind changed after I saw the menu they had. Somehow, i just felt that the ambiance is not up to par with the price that i would be paying.
So, we decided to enter Little Oasis, just right opposite of JL Gourmet, which is on the third floor of Prangin Mall (same wing as where the cinema is located at). To our surprise, Little Oasis actually has more patrons. Its menu consists of both Western and Chinese cuisine.
 new in-store sorbet collections (we were given a free cup to try, see picture below)

lemon sorbet (super sour!!!...but it's free ;p)

 ice lemon tea

 mushroom soup (very creamy)

 ginger fish (RM5.80)

 sweet and sour chicken (5.80)

 chocolate ice cream

For an additional RM3 on any ala carte, you will be given a glass of drink, clear soup and a scoop of ice cream. You can also add RM1 to upgrade your clear soup to mushroom soup instead; which was what we have done above.
Noticed how the chicken and fish were done similarly. The only difference lies in the sauce they gave you. I would say the ginger sauce lacks ginger and the sweet and sour sauce taste a little spicey (ermmm, but it's not hot and spicy though ;p).
We also noticed a lot of patrons ordered western food instead of the ones we ordered. I guess Little Oasis were famous for a reason, but definitely not their oriental dishes.

Where at?
3rd floor of Prangin Mall, same wing as the cinema, right beneath Wong Kok Kitchen

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