Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet Fresh, Gurney Paragon

Meet Fresh, a large chain of dessert shop which has outlets at Taiwan, China and even Australia. Obviously, they are also conquering Malaysia market.
signature herbal jelly with red beans
soya bean curd with taro, pearl beans and red beans (sweeter would be better)
Q-mochi (i prefer the black version)

With lots of varieties available in its menu, Meet Fresh has definitely got its way into the dessert market. Prices are also on the average side, making it affordable to all customers of different age range.

Where at?
163D-1-04, Gurney Paragon (right beside Goku Raku Ramen), 10250 Gurney Drive Penang

Tel no: 014-2539030

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kwong Sang House, Leith Street

A tailor shop turned restaurant, this shop is decorated with antique sewing machines, rolls of cloths and many other tailoring tools all the way from 1960's. Offering a list of western dishes, its food quality definitely live up to the price posted.
mushroom soup + dragon-fruit drink which comes with the set 
garlic bread for the soup 
pasta pollo pesto (highly recommended as the sauce is really thick)

chicken cordon bleu (another recommended dish; sufficient cheese stuffed inside the chicken)

fresh salmon steak (dish would have tasted better if salmon was fresh)

We visited this shop after purchasing an online for the 4-course set dinner at only RM16.90 and carries an original value of RM40.
Another interesting point to note is the practice of no-menu. All dishes/ drinks/ desserts available were written on a black board. Good in a way that they are environmental-friendly, bad in a way as the waitress got to carry the piece of black board which measures about 4 feet by 6 feet around to different tables for diners to see and make order.
I would love to go back and try out the others listed in the menu.

Where at?
36, Leith Street, 10220 Penang

Tel no: 012-5565509 (reservation through sms is available)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Snow House, Precinct 10

A friend told me that in Hong Kong, you must have dessert after meal and no matter how full you are after the particular meal. It's like a norm the Hongkies have practised. Recently, i have also noticed that Penang has got more of these "desserts" shops conquering the market. Most of them were outlets originating from Hong Kong, Taiwan and some local.
Take Snow House for instance, specialized in different types of soya bean combination. Basically, the main dessert is soya beancurd (tau foo fah) but with different types of toppings of which you can choose from such as red beans, green beans, ground nuts, herbal jelly and many others.
this device vibrates when you order is ready to be collected (technology is so advance that you can save the "shouting")

soya bean curd with sweet potato, red beans and lotus seed RM6.90

black soya ice with taro Q balls, baby pearls and peanuts RM6.90

soya bean drink with baby pearls RM6.90

I think what attracts customers were the different varieties of toppings for the soya bean curd. Other than that, i don't find the desserts any different than a normal bowl of soya bean curd besides its price!
However, it is still worth a try.

Where at?
10-C-17 Precinct 10, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang

Tel no: 04-8998017