Monday, April 25, 2011

roti kari ayam @ Yau Kee Restaurant

After a 2 days retreat meditation at Vihara Buddha Gotama in Temoh, Perak, a friend suggested to snack at this place famous for its roti kari ayam on our way back home to Penang.
This place looks like the dim sum restaurants in Penang, but it has more to offer and it air-conditioned. Anyway, the roti kari ayam or curry chicken bread is the famous dish and you can see almost all tables have the order.
our main star costing at RM28
looks like a "durian" being peeled open
and this is how you eat it

Unfortunately, we only ordered 1 dish as we already had our lunch after the lunch dana. The pot of tea which we ordered costs RM5 and groundnuts is RM2.50. Had we not returned the towel, probably the total bill will come up to about RM40. 

Where at?

55 & 57, Jalan Idris, 31900 Kampar

Tel no: 05-4651738