Saturday, December 31, 2011

Re-visit Coffee Island, Gurney Drive

After its opening years back, Coffee Island is still being patronized by large crowd especially during the weekends. Its concept with open-air and interior seatings has earn popularity among the young and elder ones.
Their menu were constantly improvised to satisfy customer's requirements.
french fries comes with chilli sauce and mayonnaise, RM5.90 (my all-time favorite!)

marble cheese cake, RM7.90 (coffee taste a little too strong)

blueberry cake, RM7.90

hazelnut cake, RM7.90 (highly recommended!)

iced cafe latte, RM5.90 and hot lemon tea, RM4.90

If you're looking for a place to chill out, do some catching-up with friends and want some light snacks with drinks, this is definitely the place to be. Ample parking space along Gurney Drive as well.

In the mean time, Happy New Year folks & May You All Be Well & Happy Always!! ^.^

Where at?
77, Gurney Drive

Tel no: 04-2272377

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oven-baked meatballs

Fond of meatballs but don't want to go through the fuss of frying? Now you can have it with the help of an oven. When I first saw this recipe from a magazine, I was pretty excited and immediately got the necessary ingredients and try it out. This is a dish that is exceptionally simple to make yet taste just as nice.


minced meat (any meat to your liking)

chopped onion, garlic, carrot and parsley which i have forgotten to buy (you can also add in any other vegetables to add more colour and flavours)

breadcrumbs (if you do not have any, make on the spot by toasting a piece of white bread, put it in the re-sealable plastic bag and then crush on it)

cooking spray comes in useful to spray on the tray so your meatballs don't stick on it

Prepare all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix everything evenly. Add in some olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Scoop small balls and place on tray. Try and make balls as even as possible and not too big. A maximum diameter of 1.5cm is good enough.

When ready, place in oven with a temperature of 180°C for 15-20 minutes.

Your cooked meatballs should look like something above.
Hope you can try this out for the upcoming Christmas celebration.
HAPPY Christmas readers & Happy Eating!!! ^.^

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Home-made Korean Chap Jae

I love Korean food and this dish actually debuts my Korean cooking. "Chap jae" or literally translated as "fried glass noodle" is a simple dish which most Koreans love. It can be done with or without meat; a perfect dish even for the vegans. As for my first trial, I have decided to do it with meat to add in more flavours.
 Korean glass noodles (boiled before frying)

meat (seasoned with soya sauce, pepper and corn flour)

chopped garlic and onion

sliced carrot (boiled first)


sliced cabbage and mushroom (boiled first)

Heat oil in a wok, and put in garlic. Stir fry til light golden brown. Then, add in onion and the seasoned meat. This step can be skipped if you choose to omit meat. Add in boiled noodles and vegetables. Stir for a little while and then add in egg. Mix some sesame oil, soya sauce, sugar, salt and pepper and continue stirring til all is mixed well.

You can also add on some chilli flakes as celery for stronger flavours.

a good plate of chap jae should have its noodles springy

Hope you have a good time cooking this dish. Happy weekend folks! ^.^

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chopper Board @ Gurney Plaza

If I am not mistaken, Chopper Board has been around for more than a decade. It started off at Complex Bukit Jambul and then to Prangin Mall and then Gurney Plaza whereby its outlet in Gurney Plaza has undergone renovations three times and unfortunately each renovations brings down the size of their shop. I have always wondered why this has been the case as they have always had pretty good business (meals at affordable prices which is in demand among workers in the plaza).

cuttlefish noodle (noodle in this context denotes spaghetti) RM4.20 (ala carte)

cuttlefish noodle with ginseng tea RM5 (set)

With the hike of economy and cost of things, I must commend Chopper Board for maintaining their food at such affordable prices. I do visit them occasionally as I also find the food there above average. Another plus point is again, their settings of prices.

Where at?
4th floor, Gurney Plaza (old wing)

Tel no: 04-2271426

Other branch info:
Bukit Jambul: 04-6543037
Tesco Jelutong: 04-6563037
Queensbay Mall: 04-6412037

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Michelangelo's, Gurney Plaza

A recently opened Italian restaurant, taking over Breeks at Gurney Plaza is this rather posh and high-end restaurant, Michelangelo's. It offers a variety of Italian cuisines as well as drinks (for those who love to drink).

the interior is decorated with sophisticated chandeliers and wall paintings

a separate for both food and drinks

these bottles are put on every table but they are not foc, each bottle costs RM14 (you have a choice between sparkling and non-sparkling)

linguine con vongole, RM32.90 (creamy but not too heavy)

margherita pizza, RM23.90 (super cheesy and highly recommended!)

Where at?
Gurney Plaza, Al-Fresco area, right beside Coffee Bean

Tel no: 04-2296332