Saturday, December 17, 2011

Home-made Korean Chap Jae

I love Korean food and this dish actually debuts my Korean cooking. "Chap jae" or literally translated as "fried glass noodle" is a simple dish which most Koreans love. It can be done with or without meat; a perfect dish even for the vegans. As for my first trial, I have decided to do it with meat to add in more flavours.
 Korean glass noodles (boiled before frying)

meat (seasoned with soya sauce, pepper and corn flour)

chopped garlic and onion

sliced carrot (boiled first)


sliced cabbage and mushroom (boiled first)

Heat oil in a wok, and put in garlic. Stir fry til light golden brown. Then, add in onion and the seasoned meat. This step can be skipped if you choose to omit meat. Add in boiled noodles and vegetables. Stir for a little while and then add in egg. Mix some sesame oil, soya sauce, sugar, salt and pepper and continue stirring til all is mixed well.

You can also add on some chilli flakes as celery for stronger flavours.

a good plate of chap jae should have its noodles springy

Hope you have a good time cooking this dish. Happy weekend folks! ^.^

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