Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Michelangelo's, Gurney Plaza

A recently opened Italian restaurant, taking over Breeks at Gurney Plaza is this rather posh and high-end restaurant, Michelangelo's. It offers a variety of Italian cuisines as well as drinks (for those who love to drink).

the interior is decorated with sophisticated chandeliers and wall paintings

a separate for both food and drinks

these bottles are put on every table but they are not foc, each bottle costs RM14 (you have a choice between sparkling and non-sparkling)

linguine con vongole, RM32.90 (creamy but not too heavy)

margherita pizza, RM23.90 (super cheesy and highly recommended!)

Where at?
Gurney Plaza, Al-Fresco area, right beside Coffee Bean

Tel no: 04-2296332

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