Wednesday, November 30, 2011

生命阳光 Idealite (Malaysia 1st wholesome dining place)

I must say organic food has seen its demand over the recent years. With more people being conscious over their health, this business can definitely earn their profits.
A friend recently took me to this place named IHS natural healing of which i have never known of its existence. This place offers a variety of food, all healthy (to start of with) and meat-free. They also have different menu for different days of the week.

ample parking space in the premise

translating the Chinese words (sheng ming yang guang):- "bright life"

shelves of organic food from sauces to oats to cereal bars

wall decoration

dry ramen, RM9.70 (see all the vegetables? this also tastes superbly good. ramen is handmade)

ginkgo fuyu, RM4.70

Hakka Leicha, a famous Hakka dish meant for healthy purposes as it's made up of different kinds of vegetables and a vege-compressed soup, RM12.70

vegetarian bak-kut-teh, very "herbarlish" and strong in taste, RM9.70

Perhaps you might notice the prices of the food are rather high, this place assures the non-usage of white sugar, artificial salt, preservative and MSG. They guarantee that all food is cook with olive oil and grape seed oil, high in fiber and that all vegetables and fruits are cleaned using ozone technologies.
Besides offering a wellness kitchen, Idealite also organise detoxification camp, wellness & healthy education classes, gua sha strengthening, organic stations and ultrasonic hydrotherapy/spa and many more other services. Visit them today to find out more.
Idealite also provide delivery services. Call 04-2286650 for more information.

Where at?
Jalan Utama (near Little Cottage 2)

Tel no: 04-2286650

Opens Tues-Sun, 11am-8pm

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