Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carnavon Street Tiger Koay Teow Thng 亞虎粿條湯

There are a few koay teow thng stall along Carnavon Street and most of them are frequented by pretty long queues. This one we went to for breakfast one morning is not exception. The owner calls his stall "Tiger Koay Teow Thng". The koay teow thng basically comes in 2 sizes, RM2.50 for small and RM3.50 for big. Honestly, these are pretty good and affordable prices for hawker meals at this time.

the cook showing his waiter which table to serve

on the signboad "tiger koay teow thng"

crowded with people

order, take a number and wait for food to be served :)

the koay teow is very smooth

all the extra ingredients besides koay teow

and guess what, their toilets are so cool!

By the way, for those of you who are unfamiliar with dialects, "koay teow thng" is literally translated as flat noodles cooked in plain soup.

Where at?
At the junction of Carnavon Street and Prangin Lane


New Kid on the Blog said...

Oh... they had moved it to former Mommy Wang's shop.

BearyInformative said...

Yes, this is a very newly renovated place.
And, Mommy Wang is opening in Gurney Plaza soon.