Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sri Weld Nasi Lemak

I love nasi lemak and so I am a true Malaysian! :D 
I have grown up eating spicy food and while my tolerance for spiciness has been increasing over time, it is definitely not easy to find spicy meals to satisfy my taste bud. However, I am lucky enough to came across this nasi lemak available in Sri Weld, which opens everyday except for Sundays. They have a variety of dishes (fried chicken, squid,  fish, anchovies, and egg) for nasi lemak and each packet costs only RM1.50 for small and RM2 for big.

the store located just at the entrance of Sri Weld food court along Beach Street 

first step: lay the banana leaves and scoop rice

second step: put selected dish

third step: a slice of egg for each packet

fourth step: curry to flavour the whole packet 

fifth step: "and i am done!"

What I love most about this nasi lemak is the level of spiciness (I have friends who complain that it was too spicy though) and the amount of curry sauce they put. 

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