Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pakcik Nasi Kandar @ Pulau Tikus

There is this van stall which stops a few steps after Restoran Sri Suriya selling nasi kandar which sells almost 20 dishes. Since he has no signboard or whatsoever, I shall call him the "Pakcik (uncle) Nasi Kandar @ Pulau Tikus" until I have interviewed him further. :)
He probably does regular customers and few and between newbies like me. I fell in love instantly with this pakcik...Not physically with him of course! But his good nature and being so patient even when bombarded with so many patrons at one time as he was the only person taking care of the stall. As he sells on a van, you have no choice but to take away. So, he will lay a piece of plastic on a flat plate and pass to you as you queue and you will then take the amount of rice of your wish and start to pick the dishes of your choice. After that, you go on another queue to get him tally your meal cost.
And, I must say, his price is definitely affordable!! Plus, he knows how to say 'spoon' in Hokkien! ;)
 dishes almost finishing as early as 12.30pm (pakcik far left)

 my lunch costing me at only RM2.60 and so much more ful-filling then the one I had previously at Sri Suriya

customers kept pouring in despite the finishing of the dishes (Maybe they fell in love with his good nature too? Just like me! ;p)

I am definitely going to go back to pakcik to try out his other dishes but I must make sure I reach there before the crowd.

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