Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sin Hup Aun Cafe @ Pulau Tikus

I frequent this shop a lot for breakfast together with my mother. It is one of the places with lots of hawker selections from morning English breakfast sets to Chinese fried noodle.


fried bee hun RM3.50

patrons in the cafe for breakfast (mostly senior citizens)

wan tan mee RM3 (not recommended though)

char koay teow with egg RM3.30 (average)

lady preparing hokkien prawn mee and lor mee

hokkien prawn mee RM2.80 (recommended)

lor mee RM2.80 (recommended)

I would grade the food there as eatable, and as to what to order really depends on individual's preference. I personally would jump from one hawker to another depending on what I feel like eating on that particular day of visit. There are also stalls selling fried Indian mee, apong, claypot rice and many others located in this cafe and you can order in if you want to. This place closes every Tuesday.

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