Saturday, October 1, 2011

breakfast @ Eng Loh kopitiam

Looking for a light, healthy and varied breakfast? Look no more, at Eng Loh, you have more than 10 choices of breakfast sets from as simple as half boiled eggs, to kaya butter bread, to power breakfast with ovaltine (malt chocolate drink).
They even have their specially created bread called "Taiwan roti (bread in Malay language)".

a complete view of Eng Loh Cafe and Hotel

Eng Loh kopitiam also caters a 24 hours hotel stay

big standing-banner menu showing all the breakfast sets

roti Taiwan RM3.50

this is more like peanut butter spread on thick toast with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts
taste: yummy as peanut butter spread was thick enough

cheesy onion omellete RM3

the filling is super cheesy with an occasional taste of chopped onions

tuna sandwich RM2.80
taste: average, you can get this down at home too

butter kaya toast RM1.60
taste: plenty of kaya and butter for taste and definitely taste than that of Old Town's

Of all the ones I had above, i exceptionally like roti Taiwan as I felt it was rather a special one. With the generous amount of peanut butter spread, you just can't help but to ask for more! ;)

Where at?
48, Church Street, Georgetown Penang

Opens daily except Sundays

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