Saturday, October 22, 2011

Restoran Sri Suriya @ Burma Road

A friend introduced me this Indian shop, telling me that they have the authentic fried bitter gourd (snack-like) which i love very much and only manged to find a few shops in Penang which have them. Restoran Sri Suriya is just nicely located in town area, easily accessible. They separated their dishes into 2 sections; vegetarian and non-vegetarian, good for those really strict-vegans.
take note this restaurant is located in between of Sriwijaya Air and a fruit shop

 chapati with dhal and beetroot RM1.60

 rice with hard-boiled egg, fried bitter gourd, fried cabbage RM3.50

 lemon tea + rose syrup @ RM1.20 each

I was anticipating a good lunch but was a little disappointed especially at the pricing. I had not taken any meat dish for the rice and the price surprisingly shoots up above RM3. And, honestly, other that the fried bitter gourd, the curry wasn't really that extra-ordinary too. :(

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