Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Xuan Xin Steamboat BBQ @ Gurney Plaza

Xuan Xin has so far got 3 outlets in total in Gurney Plaza itself, 1 being a restaurant serving fried noodles and Chinese dishes, 1 serving mainly ramen (Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen), and this new 1, a steamboat BBQ place. There is also another steamboat BBQ restaurant in Tanjong Tokong
This place differs a little from the steamboat restaurant in Tanjong Tokong as it cooks in "lok-lok" style. That means, you pay per stick and sticks' prices are denoted with different colour flags. The flags come in six colours in total with brown at RM10, black at RM6, red at RM3, grey at RM2.50, blue at RM2, green at RM1.50 and yellow at RM1. Practically, to be able to have a stick at as low as RM1 is considered very affordable. 
In conjunction with the opening of this outlet, ezivoucher offers 10 sticks (5 blue and 5 green) at only RM8.80 (excluding soup price). I was lucky to see this offer in time to grab it. 

bbq corner

the bbq man

large fridge to keep food fresh

this place is super packed!!

our freshly-done bbq chicken

We chose a combination of 2 soup base (chicken and tomyam) which cost us RM6. I must compliment how Penangites are so up-to-date with newly opened restaurants and each a place has a new restaurant, it will deifnitely be packed with people. Of course I must admit I am one of them. *blush* 
And, perhaps they didn't expect so many people to turn up, they definitely have a hard time keeping up their stocks. Almost all the food finished as soon as they were brought out of the kitchen. We had to keep to 30 blue and 30 green flagged sticks (according to our vouchers), something we found pretty hard to do as well because there weren't many blue choices. :(
We also prefer to cook using soup than to have our food barbequed as most of the barbequed stuff are too salty. Perhaps, over marinated?

Where at?
7th floor, Gurney Plaza, right next to SenQ

Tel no: 04-2260830

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