Monday, May 31, 2010

Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen @ Gurney Plaza

If you frequent Gurney Plaza, you would have probably noticed the existence of a Chinese restaurant name, Xuan Xin. Recently, they opened another branch in the same complex, specialising only in ramen.
 the place so packed on a public holiday
wallpaper encripted with very nice Chinese art and words
the "yucky"fake fruit juices which come with the set meals (kiwi and grape)
ramen with szechuan spicy shredded pork (very spicy, not recommended for those with weak tongue)
ramen with braised pork rib (perhaps the best taste dish of the day)
 Xuan Xin braised soy meat with rice (not as nice as told by the waiter)-RM11.80
 Shanghai steamed minced pork dumpling "siu long pao" (no soup-filling which is a must in ALL siu long pao)

We ordered 2 set meals which come with 2 "siu long pao", 2 ramen and 2 drinks at a cost of RM14.80 per set. A single bowl of ramen costs more than RM11 already. So, the set meal was really worth the money. However, not knowing the "siu long pao" taste so bad, otherwise we would have just ordered ala carte instead.
Nevertheless, despite the food not tasting as good as expected, the service is definitely good. The waiters and waitresses there are very friendly it makes the whole experience of dining there a happy one.

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