Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Desserts @ Breeks, Gurney Plaza

Have you ever had cravings for certain food at a certain time? Well, i definitely do!! And my friend, Bennett is good enough to treat me ice cream when i told him i had ice cream cravings a few days ago. He suggested to try Breek's. And, so we went and i had no regrets!

his: chococino
 mine: towering choccolato-chocolate +vanilla ice with chocolate sauce, cornflakes & whipped cream

Breeks has a variety of desserts to offer. Besides that, they also have daily set lunch at RM12.90++. Different set of menus of each day of the week. Set is also available on weekends but at RM14.90++ each.

Where at?
Gurney Plaza, Al-Fresco area

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