Friday, May 14, 2010

Sin Kheang Aun @ Chulia Street

I could still remember all the traditional-looking restaurants my parents took me to during my childhood times. Most of them have either gave way to evolution or stopped business because nobody else in the generation wants to take over. Recently, a colleague of mine took me to this place called Sin Kheang Aun. The minute i walked into the shop, it reminisced me of the "old" restaurants which i had been to. Those who run these kind of business are usually family members. They don't hire a lot of outsiders. And the service given is so heart-felt and warm.
a view of the shop at the side lane
the front view (if you had notice, the spelling of the name differs from the above) 
traditional fried bee hun-RM4
fried rice-RM4
 main "star" of the day, chicken chop done the Chinese style (RM9)
sauce for extra taste + my iced barley

I wish there are more of these type of cafes because when you dine there, you know that these people cook for pleasure and not for business.

Where at?
1st shop at Chulia Street 

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i never know they do have fried bee hoon...