Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kedai Makanan Lidiana (Nasi Melayu opposite Penang floating mosque, Batu Feringghi)

When it comes to finding good food, nothing ever deters me. As a Malaysian, mamak, nasi kandar, spicy food is all part of my life and i can't live without them!
Thank goodness i have friends who share the same interests and this is by far one of the best place for nasi melayu even though it is a little distant from the usually frequented place.
The best thing they serve is their "sambal-stuffed" fish, fried fish and black soya-sauced chicken.
Drinks menu consists of the common rose syrup to "teh tarik" to fresh coconut.

 a variety of curries and fresh and cooked vegetables

 fried black pomfret and "sambal-stuffed" fish

 packed with patrons during lunch

 teh tarik and rose syrup

fresh coconut

Coconut water is believed to have a lot of nutrition if taken without added sugar and fresh. It is exceptionally good to cool down the body heat especially during the hot and humid weather or after taking "spicy and hot" food such curry and fried stuff.

Where at?
Right opposite of Penang floating mosque (see location below for directions)


Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm, sorry for the stupid question........ but where is the attached map ? lolz

Beary Informative said...

it is under location :)