Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pepes' Pizza & Pasta, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

After a bad experience with pasta at Monsoon Restaurant & Bar, we were really hesitating to try yet another pizza/pasta meal. But Pepes' pizza and and pasta was recommended by Walter (our host at The Chalet Boutique Motel). So, we decided to try after surveying the whole stretch of shoplots in the town of Lake Tekapo only to find out that Pepes' was indeed the place packed with most patrons. There were many people waiting in line to be seated. Not wanting to waste our time to be seated, we decided to take away instead.

 a cozy feeling inside Pepes' Pizza with its very own fireplace

Their small pizza is priced at $21.50 while the large one is priced at $32.50. There is however another option for people who want to have the best of everything (like me!) with 2 different flavours on a large pizza by paying only $2.50 extra. So, that means, we pay $35  for a large pizza with 2 flavours.

carbonara (bacon and mushroom with special carbonara sauce) and macauley chicken (apricot capsicum,smoked chicken and cream cheese)

We were glad we listened to Walter and tried out this place. It was indeed one of the BEST pizzas i have ever had! :)

Where at?
Village Mall State Highway 8,
Lake Tekapo 8770, NZ

Tel no: +643 6806677

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