Thursday, September 1, 2011

Manila Grill, Dunedin, New Zealand

After a half day tour in the city of Dunedin under the cold and windy weather, we decided to have something warm.
The central city of Dunedin is very busy, perhaps busier than that of Christchurch, with lots of restaurants, cafes and pubs. We had our heads spinning before deciding to dine here at Manila Grill, a place which offers both Manila and Japanese cuisines. I could still remember the lady boss mistaken-ed me for a Filipino. :S

 miso soup - given free to every customers

 mixed seafod grill which comes with salad and a bowl of rice - $15

 tempura which comes with the grill chicken

 grill chicken and vegetable - $20

I actually kind of like the food there with the hostess being so friendly. However, i must comment that they have to change their style of food-serving. Knowing that miso soups are given free to each patrons, they should have served all at once instead of 1 bowl per customer (on the same table) in a 5-10 minutes interval and i absolutely have no idea why they are doing so. 

Where at?
8, Hanover Street, Dunedin City Central

Tel no: +643 4776335

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