Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Moose Bar & Restaurant, Te Anau, New Zealand

I really like the generosity of the hostess in the motels we stayed in in New Zealand. Take for example, this one in Te Anau, which we stayed for 2 nights named Arran Motel actually provides you with dining vouchers that come with free wine with any orders from the main menu in The Moose.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find anything which interest us from the main menu, so we had to forego the free wine. However, we will never forget the delicious pie and chicken fillet we had that night. It was like the BEST pie i have ever had in my entire life!

 best pie ever! it is called C.C.C Wellington $19.50

chicken schnitzel $21 (superbly cheesy and nicely fried)

If i ever go to Te Anau again, this is definitely the place to visit again, be it second/ third/forth time! ;)

Where at?
84, Lakefront Drive, Te Anau, NZ

Tel no: +643 2497100

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