Thursday, August 11, 2011

Town Steamboat @ Macalister Road

It has been almost a year since my last steamboat for non-CNY (Chinese New Year) purpose. For most people of the olden days, steamboat is only the event for Chinese New Year reunion purposes. Don't know why but if you talk about reunion for Chinese New Year, it has got to be steamboat!
As this tradition still continues its journey, steamboat gathering is nothing awkward nowadays. People would go to steamboat for just a simple dinner or lunch but i find out that most steamboat restaurants operate only at night. Even if they were to operate during lunch, i suspect there will be many patrons as Malaysia weather is too hot to bear, moreover having steamboat when mr.sun scorches strongest during the mid-day.
Town steamboat consists of a very big space. A rough count tells it can cater up to 80 tables with each table having the capacity of sitting up to 5 people. You can do the math! ;)
For RM20.90 per person, there are actually a vast variety of food to choose from comparing with its other counterparts.
mini fountain at its entrance

man-painted fountain (looks real huh?)

  they have a built-in play area for kids 

 1st section: raw meat/fish balls, meat

 2nd section-fried stuff: dim-sum, lok-lok (how interesting to be having this in an already a steamboat place)

3rd section-desert corner: black herbal jelly, mango pudding, ice cream, cakes, fruits

my companion for the night

While such bbq cum steamboat restaurants don't usually last long, Town Steamboat seems to be progressing their way through and really maximising their profit over this business. It has been more than 3 years since their emergence. Another pioneer bbq steamboat restaurant is the one along Nagore Lane, more frequented by teenagers.
The newer one which is more preferable by most diners is the Xuan Xin steamboat whereby you do not need to do the bbq by yourself.

Where at?
Macalister Road, right opposite of UMNO building

Tel no: 04-2297273

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