Monday, August 22, 2011

China City Restaurant, Te Anau, New Zealand

We stayed at Te Anau for 2 nights. There is only 1 road leading to Milford Sound and roads could be closed at times due to avalanche. Snow falls 24/7 a year in that area. We almost got to see an already-happening avalanche and because of this our journey was slowed down by 3 hours; they need to clear the avalanche in order to open the road for people.
Just after like 5 days away from home, i am already starting to miss my home country's local cuisine. I told my travel mates, i MUST, no matter how have Asian that night! Lucky for us, there was this Chinese restaurant in this remote town. Te Anau is indeed a very small town as people usually stopped over here to go to Milford Sound.

 such a familiar sight in restaurants :D

 roast pork fried rice $15

 so used to having chilli in every meal - this is my catalyst! ;p

 chicken fried noodle $16

i find the noodle a little too oily

If i were to stay long in Te Anau, this would be the place i will have my every day meals! :)

Where at?

6, The Lane, Te Anau 9600 NZ

Tel no: +643 249 8337

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