Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ice cream from New Zealand

My friend who has been residing in the 4 seasons country told me that i must eat ice cream if i ever visit such country during winter. I never believed her until when i made my debut in Sydney about 5-6 years. Since then, i have always find opportunities to have ice cream whenever i visit such countries during winter.

 the Tarras store which i bought my ice cream from is on the left of the Merino Shop

left: hokey pokey flavor (NZ's traditional ice cream flavour, vanilla with toffee chips/lumps)
right: mixed berries

The ice creams, one sweet and the other sour makes a really perfect combination. By the way, the ice cream costs $3 per scoop and guess what, what i had for each flavour was considered as one scoop...YES, one scoop!! I don't think one scoop is ever interpreted this way in Malaysia! :D

How do i describe such a feeling? It is indescribable until you have tried it yourself! ;p

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