Monday, June 27, 2011

Sebai Sebai Thai Restaurant

Have i mentioned my cravings for tom yam? Anything spicy and sour is always my favorite! Funny though i have been to this place for 3 times in a period of 3 years (that averages out to once a year) but would still vote this place for serving one of the best and most authentic Thai dishes. "Sebai sebai" in Thai means "slowly, easy-going" but this restaurant is not really easy-going at all. The waiters are always at running-pace because of the constant customer-flow, yet their service is still at tip-top rating and never fail to meet customers' requests.
 an outside view of Sebai-Sebai
 deep fried kangkung (RM8)

 petai omellete (RM8)

 Som Tam-Thai's very own unique salad, warning, it's pretty spicy!! (RM14)

 tofu in Thai sauce (RM10)

 my all-time favorite, tomyam chicken (RM20)

Drinks there can be ordered in jug and is more worth it. For RM7, you get 1 whole jug (any drink of your choice) and it can be drank up to 6 glasses. Better still, this place is tax free!! 

Oh ya, i also love the green curry which i had in my past 2 visits. Perhaps now, i should increase my probability of visiting this place. Don't you want to try them out too? :)

Where at?
1, Lintang Batu, 11600 Green Lane, Penang.

Tel no: 04-6568891

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