Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nyonya Cuisine

I could still remember the first nyonya restaurant I visited more than a decade ago, which was called the Dragon Inn, where they had very nice "Jiu Hoo Char" and some conventional nyonya dishes. Too bad, back then, internet was not very popular and blogging was definitely not known at all. I am not even sure if Dragon Inn is still open for business but if I happen to drive pass and find them still open, I will definitely pay them a visit and update you all.
Forget about Dragon Inn for a moment, today's post is on Restoran White House which is located in Penang Times Square. Restoran White House serves a variety of nyonya food as well as some western and malay cuisine.

See the very intriguing design of their menu


During my visit there with a friend, we ordered the 'special nasi lemak', 'nasi rendang chicken' and 'ice lemon tea'. The 'special nasi lemak' is good, the 'nasi rendang chicken' is definitely something we will order again in our next visit while the 'ice lemon tea' is so thick unlike the usually diluted ones.

Special Nasi Lemak

Nasi Rendang Chicken, notice the square-shaped rice (interesting, huh?)


The quench-thirsting ice lemon tea

Restoran White House offers a wide variety of cuisine besides the nyonya ones. I am definitely putting it into my "gonna-visit again list".
Have fun and happy eating! ;)
Where at?
77-G-8 & 77-G-71 Ground Floor,
Penang Times Square Birch House, 10150 Penang
04-227 0694

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