Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coffee Island, Gurney Drive

As we all know, coffee has always been a great addict to most people. More new coffee places are opened to cater for these needs. These coffee places have even adapted to evolutionary ideas of not just selling coffee but also meals from western to malay to chinese and of course drinks of different kinds and not just coffee.
Perhaps if you drive along Gurney Drive, you would have noticed this place called "Coffee Island". This is a 24 hours outlet. At Coffee Island, you are provided facilities such as free wifi, computers pre-loaded with multi-player online games, playing cards and of course food!
There are the indoor and outdoor sittings for your preference.

from left: soypucinno, cappucino, hazel chocolate

fresh orange juice

toast bread with kaya and butter

fried mee

fried glass vermicelli

"Pearl Roll"- wanton skin wrap with minced meat

Of all the orders we made above, the fried glass vermicelli earns highest votes for being the best meal of the night! Pearl roll was a replacement given to us as they have added an extra of RM5 into our bill and had no other ways of compensation but to let us order another meal of any price. And we strongly recommend not to order as the taste was really very plain despite its look.
Besides that, all the drinks were alright.

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