Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Food & Tea, Gurney Plaza

The previously housed "Hang Ten" shop lot on the second floor of Gurney Plaza has now been turned into another new food outlet. This one is a chained outlet known as "Food & Tea". They have many other outlets in KL.

 Nice exterior and interiors decoration with revolving orange cushion seats.

 And, guess what, their menu is orange in colour too!

In conjunction with their opening on the 9th of November 2009, they have an on-going promotion which runs for the next 2 weeks, i.e get a claypot HK "bee tai bak" at only RM0.99!
This is especially a very worth deal for the workers there.

So, my colleagues and i decided to give it a try. Each of us ordered the claypot "bee tai bak".
claypot HK "bee tai bak"

from left: apple and red dates drink, pear and white fungus drink, iced yin yong, lotus seed and white fungus dessert

 sweet sour crab meat with mantou

smoked ham focaccia

All the food that we ordered tasted fine. Nevertheless, they should really polish up their service skills. Despite having paid 10% service charge, we are really not satisfied with service. Many dishes shown in menu were not in stock. They also took quite a long time to get the food done. No benefits-of-doubt should be given as this is not a new business, they have got so many other outlets elsewhere and should therefore have the experience needed.
Not to forget, they also have a variety of dim sum and other delicacies.
And, for those of you reading this, bear in mind that the claypot HK "bee tai bak"(RM0.99) promotion lasts only for the next 2 weeks. Happy eating!!

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