Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Leona Lewis "Spirit" album review

Finally, my first music album review made its debut with Leona Lewis' first album named "Spirit". I have to first send my acknowledgement to my dear friend, Bennett George Lowe, who has agreed to be the main source for music and movie reviews for Beary Informative.

The front cover showing the sexy and beautiful face of Leona

Support the originals!!
According to Bennett, "Listening to Leona Lewis’s debut album Spirit, you can’t help but wonder if she’s the “new”  Mariah Carey. I dare say she is, if not better! Her vocal gymnastics aside, this girl is simply down to earth and delivers each note with warmth and sincerity. Though her team of songwriters have given her a formulaic set of songs to work it on this album, the songs that stand out will surely end up being pop classics. The lead single “Bleeding Love” is no doubt the best track here with Leona’s  powerhouse vocals in full display. Other recommended tracks include Better in Time, Footprints in the Sand and Run(bonus track found on this Deluxe Edition of the album)."
I have personally love Leona's famous hit "Bleeding Love" and I am very sure when it first hit the market, everyone can practically sing that song.

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