Sunday, November 8, 2009

JCO donuts~~

The KL-lians frequent JCO donuts like how teenagers go crazy for celebraties. I could still remember the queue I went through in Pavilion, KL for my first JCO donut.
And...finally, they opened a branch here in Queensbay, Penang. Besides donut, they also sell drinks-and i should compliment them for a variety of drinks they have on their menu!

as you can see,2 "chocolate freeze" and 1 "iced lemon tea" together with 3 original donuts complement of the drinks

top from left: "JCrown Almond", "JCrown Donatella" and "Al Capone"

Food and drinks taste wonderful!! BUT...the service i'm sorry to say sucks to hell...The waitresses never smile, never say sorry when you are asked to wait, never say thank you for your payment and took such a long time to respond to my order!
More to come, can you believe that they even ran out of whipped cream??!! In fact, the waitress in charged of the drinks asked a customer if he wanted whipped cream and so his answer was yes. Unfortunately for him, he was told by the should i say lazy-or-irresponsible waitress that the whipped cream had finished. She was lucky the customer didn't complain but unlucky that i saw the situation and here i am blogging and commenting on this bad service. They even left most of the tables uncleaned even though i've told them to do so twice. And, nope, the tables were left uncleaned all the way until we finished our donuts and drinks, which was like 90 minutes later!!
Food is good but service is bad so i don't think i'm going back there. Big Apples donuts are actually just as good and you still get complementary donuts with every purchase of drinks.
Sorry JCO, Beary Informative is not going to recommend her readers to experience such horrible service because bad service turns Beary Informative off.
p/s: see here for more details

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chriscctan said...

looks like i am not the only one to experienced this paid lousy service. I am sorry you have to go through what i went through..We will stick to Big Apple then... :)