Saturday, November 21, 2009

Northam Beach Cafe, Penang

Long for a coffee-shop like place to dine with beautiful scenery? Well, then you should go to the Northam Beach Cafe situated along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, or just the opposite of Northam Hotel, Penang.

This is by far the biggest non-airconditioned cafe i've been to. It has lots of food varieties from the local hawkers cuisine to western to Korean and even Portuguese, Phillipine's, France's and etc. So, if you think want to savour all the cuisine, you should go with a big group of diners! And lucky for me, I got a group of friends to go with me  and so here is what we ordered!

yong tau foo in plain soup with vermicelli

yong tau foo in tom yam soup with vermicelli

chicken pie
minced-chicken meat crepe

crepe with chocolate sauce and ice cream

wan ton noodles with minced-chicken meat and mushroom

koay-teow soup

chicken chop

grilled fish
Basically, all the food tasted good except for the a-little-more pricey price as compared to other normal "kopi-tiams". Well, perhaps there is a price for beautiful sceneries and ambience surroundings. Not to forget, you never need to worry about car park problems as there are plenty at Northam Beach Cafe!

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benny said...

really worth the trip going to northam beach cafe!!!~u just can't get enough of it..too many varieties