Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chok Dee Thai

I met up with an old pal yesterday. Having meet for the first time in 1.5 years, I let her decide where we should dine in. She was craving for Thai food and so we googled some nice Thai food in Penang and found Chok Dee Thai restaurant.
The interior of Chok Dee Thai restaurant gives a very cozy and welcoming feeling.
The ease-on-eyes menu
Since this is our first visit, my friend and I have decided to order the basic dish found in every Thai restaurant- the tomyam soup (RM20). However, the person who took our order was a non-Malaysian (couldn't figure out what nationality she was) and instead of giving us tomyam chicken which was what we wanted, she gave us tomyam seafood. And we only realised that after finishing almost half pot of the tomyam as we found more and more squids in the pot! The tomyam can also be cooked according to the preferred level of spiciness.

Among the other dishes we also ordered were 'kerabu mango- RM10', 'omellete onion-RM9', 'fish fried with long beans-RM12'.

 Kerabu mango tasted like the usual ones
Omelette onion: Very big portion, recommendable for 3-4 persons

Fish fried with long beans: Fish meat is minced and then fried with long beans. So you can't find big pieces of fish meat. Also very unusual but perhaps the fish was a little salty.

As for dessert, we ordered 't t krop-RM4' and special of the day; 'pumpkin kaya-RM5'.

 T-t krop: A sweet coconut-based dessert with jelly-wrapped water chesnut and jackfruit

Pumpkin+kaya: the most unique meal of the day and yes, you eat the pumpkin skin as well. Tastes wonderfully nice!

All in all, Chok Dee Thai is a recommendable place for Thai food. Would love to go there again to try out some other dishes. Besides that, Chok Dee Thai has a long stretch of car park just outside of the restaurant.
Where at?
231-D, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang.

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