Thursday, November 5, 2009

Katy Perry's "One of the Boys" album review

Remember the rhythmic song "you're hot and you're cold~~you're wrong when it's right~~" sang by Katy Perry? Well, this song is actually taken from 1 of her albums entitled "One of the Boys".
Katy, age 25, is a very talented singer with a powerful voice.

According to Bennett, "Rarely has there been an artist who bursts into the music scene with an album full of fresh and catchy songs. Yes folks I’m talking bout none other than Katy Perry  who’s spawn the controversial hit “I Kissed A Girl” and the massive “Hot & Cold”. The latter being played to death on radio stations everywhere. Nearly the whole album was written/co-written by her  and she certainly gives us her honest  piece of mind. Every track is a potential hit and it’s the perfect album after a bad break-up or just to let loose."

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