Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vietnamese Food @ Jelutong

First trial on Vietnam food, a conventional eater like me was hesitant but gave in to persuasion. There have different food for different day. It's very creative and encourage people come on the specific day that selling specific food. 

The price is not expensive.

The place is wide and big.

The Vietnam Coffee.
The Vietnam coffee is very different from the local coffee. The taste is bitter than the normal coffee we drink. They use tea to make the Vietnam black coffee. So the taste is very good and thick. 

The BBQ Pork with Rice.
The BBQ Chicken is soft and yummy. There are also a slide of egg on the rice. This vegetable is fresh and the soup is complimentary. 

The BBQ Pork with Bihun and Special sauce. 
The Bihun serve with the Vietname spring roll. The source must mix with Bihun and the Special Vegetable. The Vegetable has a very heavy taste in the mouth. The Bihun is quite dry and full of vegetable.

Business hour: 11AM-5.30PM

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