Thursday, October 1, 2015

Seri Pantai Ikan Bakar @ Gold Coast Resort Bayan Bay, Penang

Craving for seafood and halal and with nice sea breeze and view? Head on to this place located at Hammer Bay, nearby to Queensbay Mall and Summerton, right behind of the Gold Coast Resort.
nice view of the sea and overlooking to the Penang Bridge

Butter Prawn

their famous ikan bakar/ grill fish


fried kailan

fried squids (a good appetizer)

mixed fried vegetables

While savouring your food, you may notice a few planes flew just right on top of you.

The seafood is fresh and prices are really reasonable. Waiting time is also not that long and thus you don't have to worry about loosing your patience.

For reservations, call,
Azis: 019-4286401
Hashim: 012-5320096
Closed every Wednesday.

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