Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Koay Teow Th'ng @ Pitt Street

One koay teow th'ng which will make you come back for more and go craving about it is this one. This verdict is also admitted by most of my friends who have visited the place.
Top up with the "chilli padi" dipped in soya sauce, the koay teow th'ng has a taste which will linger in your mouth.
The man behind the delicious meal

The handmade fish ball which is recommended. 

They have different kind of noodles, you may choose BIHUN, MEE or KOAY TEOW.

The price start from RM4 per bowl. You may add on more ingredient if you like such as pork minced meat, handmade fish ball or pork intestine. The place is usually full by 10am on weekends so make sure to prepare your patience but the wait is definitely worth it!

Business hour: 8AM-1.30PM (closed on MONDAY)
Where is it?
Along Carnavon Street, Penang.

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