Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sar Hor Fun @ Lebuh Pantai, Penang

Sar Hor Fun is a simplification for noodles cooked in egg and starch. This stall has been selling Sar Hor Fun and Hokkein Char for many years. The taste is still the same with the first day i tried! There are a pair of senior old couple who running this stall. They start selling only at evening time and finish before midnight. Sometimes we need to be patient and wait depending on the queue.

The Sar Hor Fun selling at RM5 per plate.

You can see there are 2 big prawn, fish and meat given.

The big prawn is always so fresh and the chilli paste is a must with Sar Hor Fun.

Business Hour: 6PM-11PM
Where is it ?
It's located at the roadside of Lebuh Pantai Penang. It's very nearby to Armenian Street which is heritage area. 

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